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How to Describe a Home

Odunjo Azeez

A boy   pronounces  “war”  as  “whore,”

Says:  they  are  portraits  of  everything  his  home

Will not return to the earth—till hell freezes over.


A  bird  escapes  through  the  orifice  of  a 

Rifle  blesses  the  zephyr  with  scars,  &  nests

 in a man who walks into memories.


On  some  days,  silence  loses  its  lethargy,  calls

Sabre  to  quench  its  thirst  in  its  scabbard—

 a rivulet of red tears.


To  eat  for  two  means  work  will  shapeshift  into

Water  in  the  Atacama;  the  bush  will  dance  to

the elegy hymned by a fledgling.


Truth wears a garb of shame proudly.

Every  lass  is  a  heiress  of  her  mother’s  traits

Home is an earthling selling her pride.


Odunjo Azeez is a young Nigerian and lover of Art. He has his works published in Afrihill, Williwash, Daily Pointers, The Pen Magazine, and elsewhere.


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