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Shift + Delete

Kwame Boateng

A string of houses Delete. A string of whorehouses Delete.

A string of whorehouses where you collect lovers like a bad rash.

yarn in stomach regurgitating knots. Delete Delete Delete.

A blush of boys Delete. You Blush at boys still Delete.

You blush at boys still so you leave home and pack your suitcase with

antidepressants and ARVs. they swear you are your Pa's only child Delete.

You are your Pa's salvation. But you are editing your suicide note still.


Kwame Boateng is a Ghanaian poet and artistic activist of human rights with deep love for performance poetry and theatre. His work is forthcoming and has featured in the Contemporary Ghanaian Writers Series (CGWS) an organisation that publishes anthologies of new Ghanaian writers, Ta Adesa Magazine, and Olongo Africa. His works explore the themes of grief, protest, and loss.

Twitter: @AGodcalledBoat



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